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Turnkey Research, development
and manufacturing.

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engineering and manufacturing


▪ In house manufacturing
▪ CNC laser & plasma cutting
▪ Powder coating
▪ Boiler making, bending, welding
  & assembly

Research and development

Electronic Engineering

▪ Research and development
▪ Firmware & hardware development
▪ PCB design
▪ Prototype configure & test

engineering design


▪ Prototype Design
▪ Problem Solving
▪ Final design
▪ 3D printing

A research and development company

Focusing on problem-solving in the mining, agricultural and private sector. With our own in-house development and manufacturing from start to finish. We work with our clients from problem-solving to idea to prototype testing to manufacturing.

We are highly customer oriented and strive to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.